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All of our yarns are ring spun with 100% certified Egyptian Cotton.  Yarn sizes range from coarse 3/'s to fine 80/'s in 2ply, 3ply, and multi-ply constructions. We offer  twist constructions in  knitting, warp, filling, and thread twist on cones, dye tubes and  as well as thread and craft yarn wound packages. Package dyed and bleached yarns are offered in cooperation with US package dyeing facilities.  Yarn inventory is maintained in Winston-Salem, NC.  Yarn is inventoried on pallets weighing 1200-1600 lbs. Smaller quantities are available in re-packed 100 pound cartons. In addition we maintain yarn inventory for dyeing and bleaching at two primary dyeing facilities. We also are associated with two cone and dye tube winding facilities for customers that require different put-ups. 

Combed Mercerized Gassed Yarns

Combed Gassed Only Yarns

Combed Yarns

Carded Yarns

Polyester/cottonBlend  Yarns

Package Dyed and Bleached Yarns

Monofilament Solution Dyed Yarns








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